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Sneak Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine’s Snitch Claims

Sneak Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine’s Snitch Claims

Sneak Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine’s Snitch Claims

In the event that Sneak Dogg Officially wasn’t tired of 6ix9ine previously, he sure as damnation is currently. Since the time the as of late detained rapper made his rebound a week ago, Snoop has made it bounteously evident that he doesn’t endorse of 6ix9ine’s squealing ways, nor the festival encompassing his arrival to music.

In any case, on Friday (May fifteenth), 6ix9ine stoked the fire by blaming Snoop for being a nark too, asserting that he filled in as a source to the feds in Suge Knight’s criminal case. Sneak at first terminated back with a comedic clasp of Omar Rey as his character, Pimpin Silky, however after 6ix9ine wouldn’t ease up on his cases, Snoop realized he couldn’t simply disregard the circumstance. The OG originally shared a video on Instagram, giving an admonition to 6ix9ine to disregard him for the good of his own while considering him a “ratboy” and a “b*tch.”


“Last time you said something, I ain’t have time,” Snoop says. “Yet, today, I got time.” 6ix9ine at that point remarked on the post, “Clarify YOUR PAPERWORKKKKK.”

snoop dogg 6ix9ine

sneak home slice tekashi 6ix9ine nark charges allegations suge knight

Afterward, Snoop posted a phony trailer for a “dramedy” about 6ix9ine called Tattle Tales. “The tail of a rodent,” Snoop wrote in the inscription. “Comin soon from bitch9 I mean snitch9. I mean fuc it from cuZblood.”

Still hasn’t denied the administrative work. Disregard mE ‘you’re ruining my disguise.

Sneak Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine's

Snoop Dogg Officially On Twitter

Sneak home slice tekashi 6ix9ine nark charges allegations suge knightFinally, Snoop had enough. He gave a proper reaction to 6ix9ine’s cases in the remarks of the film trailer, clarifying why 6ix9ine is dead off-base.

sneak home slice tekashi 6ix9ine

sneak homeboy tekashi 6ix9ine nark claims allegations suge knight

“N*ggaz realize I ain’t have nothing to do with suge knight getting time we had similar attorneys,” Snoop composed. He probably drew up the papers he accomplish work with the [cops]. Suge and me on incredible standing now so in the event that I told on him we could never be cool and that’s true. Presently continue and stay tuned for the snitch stories film and record lil bitch @6ix9ine0fficial I got time.” 6ix9ine still can’t seem to react to Snoop’s most recent remarks.

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